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From MySpace journal: 

Okay. Let's start off with a positive message. If you are in love, please. go to your love now, hold their hands, look deep into their eyes, take a trip to your local airport, take a flight to San Francisco, California, and jump out and get fucking impaled cock- or cunt-first on the Transamerica Pyramid.

I hate love and everyone in it. Fuck you all.

...perhaps I should elaborate.

I'll be the first to admit that I've fucked up a lot in life and love. I've had many an ex that have been run off by my own stupidity, a couple on their own accord, but I will admit, I'm not exactly Mr. Perfect. I have a couple of ex-girlfriend on this very Friends List right now that one could talk to about it.

I've been single for well over a year, and for about ten months, I've been fine with it. Sure, I'm lonely sometimes and I miss on compassion and sex, but I also don't have to deal with misunderstandings and bullshit. Recently, however, I've been noticing spring love in the air, and I can't find a gasmask big enough to keep it out. Everyone I know - EVERYONE - is either dating seriously, engaged, or married. I've only been gone three years, and the entire world fucking passed me by. I'm all alone in this fucking city, and it sucks so much cock, I may as well call it Daniel. (Couldn't resist, man. ;P)

In any case, these feelings aren't cemented, and if I do find someone to love and cherish, I am fully willing to rescind everything I just said. For now, Cupid can take his arrow and buttfuck himself with the impaler side.

One final note, the reason I haven't been updating has been an eerie addiction to Samurai Warriors (and SW: Xtreme Legends) for the PS2. I've been neglecting PokeMon Emerald, my Guitar Hero duties, fuck, even City of Heroes - which is now being paid to do nothing - while I play SW. Someone please help me get my sanity back and stop me playing this uber-fun game.

That, or send a copy of Dynasty Warriors: Gundam my way. :D

Well I guess the folks from Hayward isn't part of your hometown... But me and Ben are indeed single.

On the front of relationship and all that crap, I know it sounds cheesy but really love yourself (or try) before you really love another. Don't let another define your life...

Sure being in love is great, but it could also really fuck you up...so keep that in mind. In general I think you need to let go of whatever you are holding in.

But in general... I also need to heed to my advice.. but I try =)
It is my hometown, but really, I meant my friends of the female persuesion. You and Ben don't count...unless I end up drugging you and putting you in wigs and...Nah, still wouldn't be right.

In any case, I do love myself now. I've embraced the fact that I am a huge fucking nerd of Potsie-like proportions, and that's all I can ever be. Anyone who doesn't love that can fuck right off.
Females are always in relationships, it's the nature of their species.