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Taken from my MySpace Journal:

I know, how odd.

I wanted to follow up my last posting, because I had a very intense conversation with an ex-girlfriend about the last post. I won't divulge who it wa, but you know who you are. *eyes narrow some*. Anyway, I feel I should elaborate on something.

I have mentioned what makes relationships horrible - the cheating, mainly, since nearly every single girlfriend I've ever had has done so at one point, usually the last thing before break-up. She argued that, since I always bitch about the negatives on relationships and women, how come I never mention the positives. Well, she had me there, I never really do talk positive about the subject, so let's get rolling.

I think the best way to tackle this subject would be to list what I look for in relationships, specifically women. This list has definitely change and evolved over the years, so many people who know me would definitely not see some of my past ex-es on the list. However, there's a reason, because being them caused the list to change to exclude someone like them. In any case, here we go.

1- Metal. Odd that a self-professed nerd like myself would choose music over everything else, but I feel that music is actually a gateway to a person's soul. What a person listens to is the perfect way to seeing how a person lives personally.

2- Videogames. See, it would pop up somewhere. I am a big gamer, and I think that I need to be with someone who also loves games. Or at the very least tolerates my playing, and has knowledge of either God of War, Guitar Hero, or JRPGs.

3- Free-spirit. I can't be with any more headcases, worried about plans and the future. I need someone who looks at the world with a "fuck-it-let's-have-fun-now" attitude, much like I seem to be developing as of late.

4- Nerdiness. See: Videogames, but also with some added extra, such as anime, card games, zombie movies, tech, and RPing on Yahoo (For those who are unclear about this last bit, I'll explain in a future post).

5- Looks. She doesn't have to be a promqueen, of course, but - and this will sound shallow of me - I do need to have some attractiveness in my ladies. Whether it be the stems, the curves, the concaves, or the kissable lips, they need to turn me on.

6- The Decade Rule. I have a new rule on possible prospects. They need to be within 5 years younger or 5 years older than me. Anything younger or older is going to skew out of the first four pre-requisites, especially as the age gets older and out of the "kiddie" mentality.

7- Distance. I hate long-distance relationships. Fuck, Hayward is too far for me and that's just 60 miles. I need to physically be with the one I'm with. It's a connection that only physical contact could achieve.

8- Finally, Fidelity. It's an obvious requirement, but my heart's been stomped on too fucking much. I'm tired of high school bullshit. The next relationship I get into needs to be for keeps. No more fucking about.

So, there we are. A short list, and oddly enough, I know many women - numerous are on my Friends list right now - that fill out all but one or two requirements. One or two are forgivable, but that's about the extent of my dream woman. In any case, are you happy now, Miss Complaining? Do you fit in these 8 criteria? No, well shut up then. Still like ya, though. ;P


Not to be the burst of a bubble but from my experience

3- Free-spirit & 8- Fidelity don't really coincide with each other. I too look for a Free spirit in women and EVERY single one had cheated on me. Sometimes it was a mistake, sometimes it was on purpose... hell once they even told me right after the act... but always the same.

I don't mean to be a downer but anyone who has "fuck-it-let's-have-fun-now" attitude, can't be tied down.
While I cannot deny the correlation between the ideals of 3 and the opposite of 8, I still have found a couple of girls that have both qualities. Of course, they're all taken, but the fact that they still exist gives me hope for the future.