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Well, I don't want to claim anything, since the last time I did, it failed horribly, but I do believe that I'm heading to Hayward on Friday. For much longer than I though I'd be, as well.

I have a lot of plans for this Hayward trip. I need to meet up with a couple of connections about future prospects, need to get ahold of old friends, I'm bringing a bottle of Jager with me, I'm hoping to break this year-plus dry spell, and I'm even having plans on staying the night at places that aren't James' or Jason's. Odd, I know, since those two - along with Ben - are really the reason I come down to the Bay. However, I have a feeling this visit is going to be like no other.

I need this trip, too. I've been having a few problems with my online escapism, as of late. Some long distance friends and contacts are beginning to strain a lot, and I think I need to re-connect to the local and who my true friends are. 

In any case, I have to start getting ready. I'm not sure what I'm completely bringing, but judging by my recent frequency of updates, don't be surprised if I update while I'm there. Take care, all, and see you soon, Bay Area.

Enjoy! You deserve it!