So, before anyone hears rumors, yes. I deppthroated a banana.
Let me explain...
I was in Hayward at James' apartment, and the ten of us - Me, James, Jason, Ben, Amanda, Dan, Tim, another John, Don, and Becca - were about to play an insane game called Apples to Apples. Personally, I thought it was going to be some sort of passing-apples-by-mouth game, but instead, it was a sweetass cardgame. After round one, we decided to take a break. 
Having taken three doubleshots of Jagermeister, I decided to take a fourth. However, it wasn't getting me as drunk as it should've. Well, at least as drunk as the previous night, which five doubleshots of Jager caused me to pass out on the balcony. Jason told me about something called 99 Bananas, a 99 proof alcohol that tasted like bananas and rubbing alcohol. However, it did get me pleasantly fucked up.
I'm going off on a tangent. Well, I decided to have an actual banana to eat to, jokingly, have a perfect 100 bananas. However, being surrounded by my friends - who are all as equally perverse as I - wanted to see how much banana I could deepthroat. After some objection, I realized I could never get out of this, so I did. Surprisingly, if I ever needed to make extra money whoring myself, I could make some nice cash.
An odd story, but it does show how fun my weekend in Hayward was. Lots of gaming - Rock Band, Guitar Hero, MUGEN, Nintendo DSi - lots of drinking, lots of friends, lots of good eats - honestly, anyone in Fremont needs to go to Little Mad Fish, anyone in Hayward, The Green Tea - and just plain fun. The only downside was I didn't get the chance to have any guy-on-girl fun, but that's just one small, large complaint on a Bay Area trip where the only way it could've been funner is if we had some sort of rocketpacks.
I plan on taking another before I have to officially go back to work, though how much money I'll have for said trip might be slim to none. However, it was never about cash. I can have a thrill out there even if I didn't have two pennies to rub together for warmth. Hayward's about getting back to my roots, getting back to how things were back when we were all teenagers.
P.s.- i apologize to anyone I didn't get a chance to see, since my trip was cut a bit short. On my next one, I promise to contact a few more people and visit those I haven't seen since I got back from Indiana.