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 Oka, okay, okay, okay. I know I’ve been slacking on updating my shit, but I have perfectly good reasons…Well, they’re good in MY eyes, fuck you.
The MAIN reason that’s preoccupying my time is a little social network called VampireFreaks. Well, really, it’s a subculture site, I think I’ll get curb stomped by saying “social network” and lumping it with FaceBook, MySpace, Twitter, blahdeblahdeblah. In any case, I decided to make an account - lost my last one ages ago - and decided to just bum around. Looking at their chat app, I noticed there was a Gamers room. Naturally, I went in, and holy fuck.
It’s a room FULL of people like me. Not just gamers, but smart-mouthed, socially-competent but idiot-rejecting gamers. It’s like my vision of a true social gathering. The first three people I met - Sarai, Tawnie, and Chelsea - were pretty hostile to me in the beginning, but after some musical mutuality and some decent gamer talk, they saw I wasn’t one of the typical VF trolls. Now, I have a nice, small group of close friends, which include the three, but also Shadow, Sage, DJ, about three Matts, Kai, CC, Dirt, the list goes on. LUV YU FGGTZ! <333333
Another thing that’s been keeping me away? Diablo II. After a run-in with Dungeon Siege - Thank you, Tawnie, by the way - it got me wanting to play my favorite game for 6 years, since DS is a LOT like Diablo. Same medieval feel, same sort of inventory setup, same blocks of needless grinding, but  I’m a lot more familiar with D2’s 2-D ¾-view aesthetic. I’m back on the USWest realm, having sold and still selling a lot of my East gear on a Diablo Forum for their form of currency, so I can buy West items. Hit me up if you still play. USWest Realm: *the_wicked
On a personal front, being unemployed sucks dick, but at least I have lots of free time for the former two subjects. At least I’m getting some unemployment cash. It’s not a lot to go out to Hayward anytime soon, so I may not be able to visit before I head back to work, but I’ll try, you guys. Also, I’m still debating my WoW trial. All depends if I can pull myself from VF long enough to install it.
Until next time (hopefully not as long as this time)
Since you crossposted, I'm going to crosspost the comment to VF & LJ.

No, you can't pull yourself away from VF long enough =P.
We will all lose you to WoW, and that would blow =\.

We love you too, fggt!

Ah, so this is why you've rejected all appearances on AIM to talk to me. I see, I see. :]