*sigh* Once again, finances bring me to this point...

...before the bad news, though, some good. Everything is top-top in Modesto, as I find myself more in love with GothyLox each day. We spent an amazing weekend reliving our pasts. Saturday was spent walking up and down Haight Street, spending some time in Amoeba Music, and getting lost in Golden Gate Park at night. Just like my three-month homeless self-exile back in my teen days. Sunday, we headed up to Knight's Ferry, where she used to spend some of her days. It was beautiful, and we took plenty of pictures of both days. Those should be up soon.

Also, an apology to my Hayward constituents for bailing out on hanging out for the weekend. It was tough to get a hold of some of you, and with what transpired for a pair of my friends, I couldn't impose a visit at this time. My condolences to James and Tim for their losses, and I hope that they could find some solace with their reimbursements. Crazy-ass world we live in.

In any case, the bad news. I seem to be in another financial issue. I know, I know, I sound like a broken record, but this time, it's not as bad as it was before. I'm not in the red, but I'm getting close. Unlike last time, I'm not asking for a hand-out, and I still intend to pay back those that donated to my last financial crisis. This time, all I'm asking for is some sound advice.

I need to get some money and soon. Not a lot, just enough to tide me over until my next - and possibly last - unemployment check comes in. I could possibly sell some things on Craig's List, like I did with my Magic cards not too long ago, but I'm having a hard time finding things to sell. I have a PC copy of Left 4 Dead my laptop couldn't handle, I could possibly put up my PS2 and my game collection, or even my laptop. Thing is, the computer's seen better days, and is a bit on the worn-in side, and with everyone moving on to PS3s, I don't think anyone wants my 2. I have some Yu-Gi-Oh cards, but I kind of promised those to Jonathan.

There's also a day-labor place nearby I could work for for a while until I find something permanent, but the way the economy is, there's no guarantee I could even get anything there. Maybe I'm being too negative about all of this. I know I'm not completely on my last legs, but I just feel like I am, since I have my baby girl and my boy to take care of. As I said, this isn't a request for money, I just need some sound advice from some of my close friends.