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Journal of the Wicked

If you know me, I have no need to explain my actions

The Wicked
28 May 1981
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If you must know... My name is John, though it has recently been shortened to J (simply the letter, not Jay, Jason has that market cornered), due to too many Johns making things confusing. I also go by The Wicked, my newest incarnation of my former WickedBoy6 moniker from high school. I'm 27, live in the San Joaquin area of California, love metal, videogames, and wrestling, and has a very bipolar taste in humor - by finding the drywit and lazer-like delivery of Monty Python and much like-minded British humour, yet also enjoy the many non-sequitors of Family Guy. Honestly, though, 'm just me. Really, that's all I need to say. If you know me, good. If not, this'll give you a chance to.
a perfect circle, addiction, adidas, alcohol, anarchy, anime, anne rice, asian food, backyard wrestling, bands, bemani, black, blood, bondage, bondage clothing, bookstores, caffiene, castlevania, celldweller, chocolate, clerks, coal chamber, cold, collars, comedy central, comics, computers, concerts, contra, cosplay, cradle of filth, darkness, ddr, deadsy, death, depression, diablo 2, dimmu borgir, disturbed, dragons, drawing, drinking, drugs, eddie izzard, emotions, family guy, fear factory, fifth element, final fantasy, fire, flirting, friends, futurama, gamecube, games, george carlin, goth, graveyards, guitars, handcuffs, harry potter, hellraiser, hentai, horror movies, hot topic, industrial, industrial metal, industrial music, insanity, invader zim, japan, japanese food, jhonen vasquez, jonathan davis, jthm, kmfdm, korn, leather, love, mallrats, manga, marilyn manson, mdfmk, metal music, milla jovovich, movies, mudvayne, music, new age, nine inch nails, nintendo, nirvana, online roleplaying, orgy, pain, parties, passion, photography, piercings, pills, poetry, ps2, punk, punk rock, rain, rammstein, reading, resident evil, rock, rocky horror picture show, role-playing, roleplaying games, romance, san francisco, sex, simpsons, singing, skinny puppy, slayer, sleeping, slipknot, smashing pumpkins, spineshank, staind, stanley kubrick, static-x, stuff, sushi, switchblade symphony, tattoos, the crow, the fairly oddparents, the matrix, the simpsons, thirteen ghosts, tim burton, tim skold, tool, vampires, video games, writing, wwe, x-box, yu-gi-oh, zelda, zombies