A lot has been going on lately, so I'll give a brief rundown.
First off, I have to sadly say that the ZapsZone birthday extrrrrrrrravaganza has been canceled. Lack of funding'll do that. However, there is a VERY good chance - about 95% - that I shall be in Hayward in about two days for the entire weekend. This'll give me a good opportunity to hang out with some friends, share in the party atmosphere, maybe even snatch a kiss or two - at least, I'm hoping - from some lovely lady. At this point, ANY lovely lady.
Again, short notice, which is kind of how I roll, but I would like to iron out details with the Hayward guys. Sadly, my phone had completely taken a shit all over itself, so I lost all of my old contact numbers. So, this is probably the best - and right now, only - way I can get ahold of anybody. MySpace, LiveJournal, FaceBook, everyone knows how to get my attention.
Now, as far as current affairs go, not too much has changed with me. I did pick up a new toy called DDR X for the PS2, but really, without any sort of PARANOiA on it, it's just not the same. I did, however, win a SmackDown vs Raw 2009 tournament at the library, so that's a .
Well, time to head out and begin preparations for Days in the Bay. Hope it ends up more exciting than last time. I mean, I'm gonna be 28, I ain't getting any fucking younger here.